As the boss, it’s your job to make sure the team is always operating at full capacity. If you’ve noticed that one employee continues to fall short, you have to fire them — and you really should do it today.

Letting an employee go is a very difficult decision, especially when you’re very fond of them as a person. It’s not fun to put someone out of work and the initial guilt you feel can be overwhelming. Regardless, this is something you have to do and your decision will ultimately be a very positive move for everyone involved.

3 Reasons to Fire the Wrong Person for the Job Today

Learn why you have to stop thinking about firing the person and just do it already.

  • They’re Holding Your Cosmetics Company Back. Achieving success in the highly competitive cosmetics industry is hard enough when you have an amazing team, but nearly impossible when you don’t have the right people on staff. You can’t realize your potential until you let the person go and replace them with someone who is equipped to lead your organization to the top.
  • Keeping the Person on Staff Isn’t Fair to Them. If the employee is a bad fit for your cosmetics company, you’re actually impeding their career by continuing to employ them. The person is clearly not thriving at your organization, so you need to drop the façade and set them free to find a better fit, where they can flourish. The initial shock may sting, but they’ll thank you later.
  • Delaying the Inevitable Will Only Make it Harder. Nothing good can come of waiting to fire the employee. Every day you continue to keep them on staff is another day your company won’t outshine its competitors and the person won’t achieve true professional fulfillment. Letting a team member go is hard, so it’s tempting to keep putting it off another day, but the easy way out is never the best solution.

Your cosmetics company can’t get ahead if you’re pulling dead weight. Momentum Search Consultants strives to be a market leader in providing our clients with a targeted menu of value-added HR consulting services. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals!

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