At Momentum Search Consultants, we understand that every company in the cosmetics industry is just as diverse as the vast array of products produced. Consequently, we offer a wide variety of services designed to benefit businesses of all sizes, budgets, and needs.

Our team has you covered, whether you want us to help you find a high-level executive or simply require assistance conducting beauty industry research. Learn what we have to offer and why you’ll never have to work with anyone else to find top cosmetics candidates.

5 Ways Momentum Works For You

Learn the many ways Momentum Search Consultants can make running your business easier.

Retained Search

Gain our undivided attention when staffing your most important positions. In our retained search option, you pay one third of the cost of the estimated fee to start the search, another third when we present you with our top candidates, and the final third after the candidate accepts your job offer. We’ll make the hiring process as simple as possible by providing you with three to five candidates, reference checks, a search plan and an employee guarantee period. This is a great choice when you need to fill a position immediately or if you don’t know where else to look to find the best fit.

Performance-Based Engaged Search

The performance-based engaged search is our most popular option, because you get our full attention, without all of the costs associated with a retained search. At the beginning of the search period, you’ll pay an engagement fee equal to 10 percent of the estimated total placement cost. Within a 30-day period, our team will provide you with a list of three qualified candidates, reference checks, a customized search plan and an employee guarantee period. There’s no obligation to pay additional fees if we don’t deliver the caliber of candidate you expected.

Contingency Search

When you choose the contingency search plan, you pay us only if we provide you with a candidate who is offered and accepts a position at your company. For your part, we’ll expect you to trust us enough to agree to period of exclusivity, because we wouldn’t take the job if we weren’t sure we could fill your open position. This can be a great way to fill mid-level roles, as you’ll receive a list of qualified candidates, reference checks, a customized search plan, and an employee guarantee period.

Contract Staffing

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective option, contract staffing may be your best solution. This project search process is ideal for companies with aggressive hiring plans, as it guarantees our resolute effort to fill your open positions, without the need for an upfront financial commitment.

HR Consulting and Industry Research

Sometimes it can be incredibly beneficial to seek advice from an industry professional with no ties to your organization. Our team is here to assist with everything from conducting salary surveys to the strategic planning of human capital for your organization. Just tell us what you need and we’re more than happy to assist.

Partner with Momentum Search Consultants to hire top beauty industry talent every time. We’ll find the best candidates for your needs in a quick and cost-effective manner, so you can focus on running your company.

Looking for Talent

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