Finding the right recruiter to help take your beauty industry career to the next level is a task that cannot be taken lightly. In fact, this process is very similar to dating. There are a lot of seemingly great prospects out there, but only one is the right choice for you. Of course, finding that special one isn’t usually easy, so you have to be a little savvy in order to find your perfect match.

4 Ways to Find Out if Your Recruiter is “The One”

The cosmetic industry is a very competitive landscape, so you need a seasoned recruiter on your side who can help connect you with all the right people.

  1. Ask About Their Past Placements

When partnering with a recruiter, choose someone with a successful track record in your field. It’s important to ensure they have experience with beauty industry placements, as finding a job for an accountant is much different than a cosmetic chemist. Not only do you want to choose someone with cosmetic industry contacts, you also need to make sure they speak your language and understand exactly the type of position you want to find.

  1. Analyze Their Communication Style

Searching for a new job is a major undertaking, so you want someone who will keep you in the loop. Pay close attention to how quickly your prospective recruiter returns your messages and updates you on job prospects. If you have to reach out to them multiple times to get a response, the person doesn’t value your time.

  1. Conduct Online Research

The Internet makes it easier than ever to find background information, so use this resource to learn as much as possible about the recruiter. Do your online research to gain insights on employee satisfaction levels. After all, there’s nothing more telling than hearing what it’s like to work with the recruiter from those with direct experience.

  1. Trust Your Gut

When you’re dating someone, deep down you know whether or not they’re right for you. The same can be said for your recruiter. Even if they seem great on paper, trust your gut if you feel like something is off. The recruiter you choose will have a major impact on your career, want to be sure you’re working with someone you know has your best interests at heart.

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