“Of all the recruiters I have dealt with as a candidate, I found Momentum to be exceptionally unique in how they worked with candidates. They insured I had a full understanding of the job responsibilities and the corporate culture. No other recruiter spent that much time helping me prepare to give and get information in the interview process!”

– Senior Brand Manager at Global Personal Care Manufacturer

“Momentum is willing to spend a very generous amount of time with the candidate and the company to understand their needs and career objectives and ultimately ensure that there is compatibility in all respects on a potential candidate placement.”

– Vice President of Human Resources at Large-size Skincare Company

“Michael [of Momentum Search Consultants] was absolutely the best and most professional of any outside firm I worked with– and the only one I’d recommend without some cautionary advice.”

– Technical Recruiting Manager – Fortune 50 Personal Care Company

“When charged with the responsibility of assembling a team of senior management to assist me in an acquisition, I immediately turned to Momentum as the recruiter of choice.”

– President at High-End Bath and Spa Retailer/Manufacturer

“Momentum is very connected within the cosmetics/well-being industry and I knew they would be delightful to work with as a company representative in a hiring decision after seeing first-hand how they dealt so professionally with me in the past as one of their candidates!”

– Director of Research & Development at Upstart Professional Products Sales Organization

“If you are seeking a recruiting partner who not only has years of experience behind them but also handles their business in nothing but a professional manner on both the candidate and client side, and are quick studies in accurately and objectively reading people’s needs and expectations, then I can’t recommend Momentum strongly enough!”

– Vice President of Operations at Top-10 Personal Care Company