In the past, many women tried their best to combat aging with personal care products designed to make them look younger, but this trend is quickly going out of style. The pro-aging idea — with the purpose of freeing women from the pressure of perfection and the ideal concept of beauty — encourages women to live a healthy lifestyle and be proud of their age.

Consequently, traditional anti-aging products may become obsolete, forcing companies to develop new product lines designed to meet the changing needs of consumers. The health and beauty industry needs to prepare for this change now as major growth is expected in the coming years. For example, demand for pro-aging facial care products is predicted to rise by 13% over the next four years in Europe and an overwhelming 28% in Africa and the Middle East.

Putting a Positive Spin on Aging

In the past, anti-aging products were marketed as a way for women to disguise their true age and present themselves as younger. Many beauty brands are already embracing this change by altering the message that accompanies these products to one of positivity. For example, L’Oreal is using the descriptor “improves the appearance of skin quality” for its new Skin Perfection Perk Up Cream. Companies are taking the same approach to market beauty oils designed to heighten the comfort level of one’s skin.

Pro-aging isn’t just for skincare products, as cosmetics companies and other beauty industry players can also benefit from sending this message. For example, rather than marketing products as a way to cover fine lines and other signs of aging, they can be advertised as a way to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

As an increasing number of women begin to embrace the concept of aging gracefully, companies need to offer health and beauty products designed to celebrate the lives they’ve lived — not hide their age and make them feel self-conscious about it.

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