The color of a cosmetic item can make or break its success. Staying on top of the hottest colors of the season is essential because customers want to keep up with the latest trends. As a cosmetics company, it’s your job to be on the cutting edge with your colors, and never let them go stale. Staying on top of upcoming color trends is a must if you want to secure your spot in an ever-changing marketplace.

How to Keep Up with Color Trends

Need a little help identifying the latest color trends? Use these four techniques to get ahead:

  1. Conduct Research:

    Fashion runways are only one place where color is key. Keep your eyes open to spot color trends in places like interior design and industrial design, where color plays a huge role in the creation of products. Fashion, beauty and interior design are very closely related. People like to purchase products in colors that make them feel comfortable, so modeling your new styles after these items is a great way to appeal to your audience.

  2. Study Innovative Products:

    New products created with cutting-edge technologies have the power to take color in a direction never-before seen. They can employ innovative finishes and colors that can transition into the cosmetics industry. For example, you can use these items to discover whether matte or shine is currently trending. Digging deep into texture and finish helps you learn the type of visual experience people want in a finished product and how they’d like to apply it.

  3. Work with Suppliers:

    You may not realize it, but suppliers work hard to create their own trend forecasts. Use this to your advantage by taking the time to review their findings. For example, EMD Chemicals has published a series of trend categories and color for upcoming seasons. The company forecasts trends like delicately colored natural skin tones and green-tinged neutral shades for the spring/summer 2015 season. They’re already even looking as far ahead as the fall/winter 2016 season, predicting the onset of bold and multicolored graphics.

  4. Consult Forecasting Agencies:

    Renowned color authorities and fashion forecasting agencies are always at least one step ahead of the latest trend. Pantone offers a number of trend forecast publications, letting you know what to expect as the season’s hottest colors. Trendshop, a London-based fashion trend forecasting agency even works with brands to find out how cosmetic colors, applications and packaging will change over the next three seasons. Seek opportunities like this and take advantage of the many resources available to you.

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