Services Provided

    When you work with Momentum Search Consultants you have options!  Depending on the level of need, urgency and difficulty of the search we can find the right candidates for your hiring needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.  You choose which is best for you for our three proven search options.

Retained Search

    To assure our complete attention on a critical search, some clients choose to retain our services by paying 1/3 of the projected fee to start the search, another 1/3 upon delivery of our top candidates, and a final 1/3 upon acceptance of an offer by a candidate. You can expect 3-5 qualified candidates, reference checks, a customized search plan, and an employee guarantee period.  Use this method when the consequences of having a vacant position are too great and when you have exhausted other sources.

Performance-Based Engaged Search

    Our most popular service offers a compromise between a full-commitment retainer and a minimal-commitment, contingency-based search.  This model guarantees our full-time attention and that your search will take priority in return for a limited-duration exclusivity.  The non-refundable Engagement Fee is equal to 10% of the estimated total placement fee, due at the start of the search.  This service is based on our performance. You can expect 3 qualified candidates within 30 days, reference checks, a customized search plan, and an employee guarantee period. If you are not satisfied with our performance then you are in no way obligated to pay additional fees.

Contingency Search

    In this model you only pay if we deliver.  To receive payment a candidate we provide to you must be offered and must accept a job offer from your firm.  We will only agree to a contingency-based search when we know we can fill the position and therefore expect a period of exclusivity. However, we are willing to compete to earn first time business.  A contingency-based search is an ideal solution for mid-level positions.  You can expect only qualified candidates, reference checks, a customized search plan, and an employee guarantee period.

Contract Staffing

    Our project search service is a cost-effective method of guaranteeing our concerted effort to fill multiple openings. This is ideal for a fast-growing or rapidly changing organization that has aggressive hiring plans.

HR Consulting and Industry Research

    When you need to have an outside perspective from an industry insider, it’s time to call Momentum. We provide everything from salary surveys to strategic planning of human capital.

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