A Common Goal: An Uncommon Performer!

We share a common goal: finding you the right individual for your hiring need!

Momentum has the reputation for attracting tier-1 performers, those professionals who are dedicated to performing at a level far above the rest and deliver measurable results to the bottom line.  Every day we are in the marketplace talking with these superstars who usually are currently working, happy in their work, and not looking for change. This kind of candidate must be approached and convinced that this is the time to look at a new opportunity with your company.

Finding the right person to match the culture of your organization is not simple.  The fit of that new person requires sensitivity to factors inherent in the position and the impact of your hire will influence your organization’s caliber and future.

Together we will work to develop a candidate profile that will help to identify the executive with the skills, personality, and long range objectives that fit your need and organization’s culture.

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