It’s always a relief to finally find a really promising candidate after spending a great deal of time searching, but what happens if you actually encounter two of them? At first glance, this may seem like a good problem to have, but it’s definitely one that needs to be taken seriously. The beauty industry is a highly competitive landscape, so you need everyone on your team to be a great fit.

The average turnover rate for companies in North America is expected to rise 23 percent, from 2013 to 2018, according to global management consulting firm Hay Group. That means you can expect to lose nearly one-fourth of your workforce each year, but choosing the right people can help you defy these odds. Ultimately, the success of your cosmetics company lies in the hands of your employees, so you need to people who truly believe in your brand.

4 Tips to Help Choose Between Two Candidates

Having a hard time deciding which of two seemingly amazing candidates is the best choice for your cosmetics company? Use these four techniques to see which person is right for your brand:

  1. Gauge Cultural Fit: Having a great resume is certainly important, but you need someone whose personality seamlessly blends in with the rest of your team. Skills can be learned, but character traits are innate, so choose the candidate who fits in the best. Learn this by asking each person to spend the morning working with your team or invite them for a group lunch, where their true nature can shine in a more informal setting.
  2. Assess Future Plans: To achieve low turnover rates, you need people who want to grow their career at your company. Ask each person where they see themselves in five years, to learn whether or not your cosmetics company is part of their big picture. Choose the candidate who is eager to create a future with your company — not one looking to gain a bit of experience so they can move on to the next big thing.
  3. Note Enthusiasm: Your employees should be your greatest brand ambassadors. If they aren’t excited about your products, why should customers get enthused? Find out how each person really feels about your brand, by digging deep and asking them to explain why they want to work for your specific cosmetics company. Hire the candidate who truly enjoys your products and wants to help you continue making your existing customers feel great, while spreading your message to new markets.
  4. Go With Your Gut: As simple as it is, you’re probably inclined towards one candidate or the other, even if you’re not sure why. Your instincts are rarely wrong, so choose the person who feels right. Sure, the other one is putting on a great show to impress you, but look beyond the facade to select your new team member.

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