Beauty Drinks. You’ve probably heard of these items in online advertisements placed close to cosmetic products for sale. Maybe you have learned of them from a friend who sells cosmetics and personal care items direct-to-consumers at home parties. Or you might have seen these products on the shelves of your local supermarket in the natural foods aisles. It’s hard not to notice this growing trend now gaining traction in the United States after years of success in both Europe and Asia.

Nutricosmetic and beauty-from-within beverages as they are called have been selling well abroad but are now set to become a category that cosmetics and personal care firms can exploit as the trend continues to intensify. The Global Beauty Drinks Market 2015-2019 Report by the research and advisory company Technaivo projects that the global beauty drink market will surpass $1,060m by 2019. That’s a lot of acai berry-aloe vera juice and chocolate-chai hot drinks!

Because the products are meant to improve skin appearance and sleep quality and are purported to work gradually over time, drinkable beauty products dovetail nicely with those concerned about their overall wellness and not just beauty, according to Cosmetics Design, a leader in industry trends. For many experts this is seen as the next level of growth in established beauty markets. Today’s consumers “focus on the long term and the link between inner health and outer beauty, [as well as on] the subtle changes you can make to your lifestyle to enhance the way you look and feel,” says Jacques Gibson, founder and CEO of Beauty Foods.

According to the Technaivo report, the beauty drink segment can be easily divided into three main groupings by nutrients: collagen proteins, vitamins and minerals, and fruit extracts. The first, collagen proteins, accounts for most sales in North America at the time showing our national obsession with healthy and young looking complexions.

Many health and beauty aids companies are realizing a supporting line of food items could be their next growth area and are working hard to be at the front of this growing trend by partnering with beverage companies to develop, brand and promote innovative wellness drinks. With a market set to only grow with more educational marketing, those who find ways to tie beauty drinks to their established cosmetics and personal care brands will be the market share winners.

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