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There’s no better time to make a fresh start than a new year. Now that December is coming to a close and 2018 is upon us, it’s time to evaluate your current job status to see if it’s still working for you. The ever-changing cosmetics industry is filled with exciting opportunities, so if you’re not feeling professionally fulfilled, now is a great time to start looking for a new position that makes you truly excited to head into the office each day.

4 Reasons to Find a New Job in 2018

If any of the four sentiments below sound familiar, it’s time to update your resume and jump start your job search.

  1. You’re Not Learning Anything New

One of the best things about working in the cosmetics industry is getting to experiment with new product ideas and formulas to create something really great for your customers. Even challenges — such as manufacturing issues — are valuable learning experiences that help you grow. If you’ve grown bored because you’ve mastered all aspects of your job, it’s time to find a new role that allows you to keep developing your skills.

  1. There’s No Room for Career Growth

As a skilled and ambitious cosmetics professional, you need to know that your hard work will eventually equate to career advancement. If you want to take on more responsibilities, but the company offers no upward mobility, you need to find a new job where you can flourish. For example, if you’ve been working in R&D for a few years now and were recently passed up for a management position, it’s time to move on.

  1. The Brand is Going Nowhere

Cosmetics make people happy. It’s very rewarding to get to work in a field that has a profound influence on peoples’ lives. If you’re working for a company that is unethical or treats its customers poorly, it’s time to stop wasting your talents on a brand that truly doesn’t care. Get out now before this poorly managed company breaks your spirit and makes you become jaded.

  1. Your Company is Stuck in the Past

Innovation is a huge aspect of the cosmetics industry. If your company seems to have an aversion to new technology and keeping up with current trends, your skills will quickly become obsolete. Don’t hold yourself back from future opportunities by staying with a company that is clearly out of touch with reality.

Working with a recruiter can be a great way to find the cosmetics job of your dreams. Specialized beauty industry staffing agencies have deep connections with top companies — and sometimes jobs are posted exclusively through them. Plus, a recruiter can help you polish your resume and interview skills, so you’re sure to be a top contender.

Want to start the new year out with an exciting career move? Contact Momentum Search Consultants to find the best opportunity for you. Our skilled health and beauty industry recruiters take the time to understand and document your goals and strengths, so we can match you to the right company.

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